Welcome to Primary Success.

Whether your child just needs a boost in a particular subject, or has been struggling in certain areas for a while, we believe we can help restore their confidence and show them how to achieve and succeed.   

At Primary Success we believe that every child can achieve, and do so in an environment where they feel secure, positive, and grow in confidence and self esteem. There are many reasons for failure in the primary years, but once a child falls behind it is increasingly difficult for them to catch up, leading to disillusionment and the belief that they simply ‘cannot do’.   This in turn leads to a lack of interest and eventually poor behaviour.

Whether or not Standard Assessment Tests are the best thing for our children, they do exist.    It is on the basis of these tests, and teacher assessment, that primary age children are allocated to specific learning groups when they progress to secondary education: once placed in a lower academic grouping it can be very difficult to move up again.   The reason for this is not poor teaching, but the lack of interest within the pupil group and the consequent poor behaviour by a minority of the class which does not promote a viable learning environment.

Primary Success was formed to help every child succeed at school, and in so doing find the path of education interesting and fulfilling: a curious and excited learner will always fulfil their full potential

Please browse our site, look at our methods, and get in touch with us if you have any queries at all.   Education is a joint effort, and we will be with you and your child every step of the way.

Jane Willmott

Learning Styles

We learn in different ways.    The three main areas are:




Of course, the three main areas themselves are merely a guide, and children are individuals who do not often slip neatly into one style.   Classroom teaching would be so much easier if they did!   Many children are a mix of two styles, whilst some have real difficulty in processing information presented in a manner with which they are not comfortable.    Yes - ultimately they will grow and can be taught to accept information presented in a variety of ways,  but this may well be too late for their academic success.   The child who can actively engage with their education is the child who will grow in confidence, take more enjoyment from their learning, and develop a ‘can do’ attitude.

Primary Success aims to engage your child within after school sessions once or twice a week, working with them to ascertain their style of learning, and use a variety of fun ways to ensure they not only learn, but understand what and why they are learning.    There is no need to fall behind.

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